Not your average tournament

We celebrated opening our GPL CLUBHOUSE on 12-13 JANUARY, 2019 with a STREET FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT on the old Belmont Sporties Bowling Greens.

But it was not your average tournament

Rather than the focus of being about winning which can put UNNECCESSARY STRESS on eveyone, we wanted the kids to enjoy the whole EXPERIENCE of the Weekend full of FUN, FRIENDS and FREEDOM of expression as well as enjoying the thrill of a competitive game.

This means, as ADULTS particularly, we needed to 'back off', and RELAX from being in competitive mode, and just be able to enjoy watching the kids own their game.

We even included a 'FAMILY GAME' at the end of each session so we could all enjoy the Power of PLAY. 

Remember, We're ALL ABOUT keeping sport fun 

Our Team of FACILITATORS, headed up by Joey Peters, were running the Games, but there were no Coaches of Refs needed giving plenty of room for players to 'Play On' and make as many decisions as possible.

If there's a call to be made, we will facilitate the decisions but mostly the Game doesn't stop,  because we usually play 'No Outs' and 'No Offside'. There aren't many different rules to football, in fact, we may add one or two to suit the players and the game but the main ones to know are:

HAve fun and Play Fair

We're very excited to have the Belmont Sporties Bowling Greens as our base as well as continuing the use of an indoor venue at Swansea High School Hall.

A variety of environments is very important for Child Development as it 'turbo-charges' the kids SKILL LEARNING and MOTIVATION through adapting to different environmental constraints, as does the smaller-sized fields.

Flat shoes (futsal/runners/turfs) are recommended as are shinpads, a water bottle and a change of clothes - in case of rain or water fights 🙂

How do we manage the complexity of it all?

Well What if You Could…

Provide a dynamic learning environment that’s fun and engaging for your  participants.. and make coaching easier while you’re at it?!



Design the GAME; Let them PLAY; and Watch them LEARN

We carefully and mindfully DESIGN GAMES for learning and use a FACILITATIVE approach to coaching.

GAME PLAY LEARN is here to evolve the ‘adultified’ world of sport and provide a safe place for young people to CONNECT (Socially), grow in CONFIDENCE (Self-awareness) and COMPETENCIES (Skill Learning).

They don’t need our instruction as coaches, they need our ATTENTION, as we observe their INTERACTIONS with the game and with others. We can then guide and support them on their long term journey of Youth Development.

Our Approach is Underpinned by the scientific principles of Ecological Dynamics, Self Determination Theory and Non Linear Pedagogy that we then apply to each context.

Implement the Game Play Learn Approach

Putting the needs and rights of Learners first. Facilitating and protecting their growth and potential.

Are you ready for a Learning Journey?
We use GAMES
to provide a diverse learning experience
hidden in FUN, FRIENDS and FREEDOM
to explore their own world of POTENTIAL.
 With the aim of igniting Kids passion for sport and learning new skills, there’s no drills here, only GAMEs to PLAY and LEARN

Providing a Dynamic Learning environment with choice, growing confidence and connecting with peers.

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Elitism, commercialisation and adult-driven concepts are interfering with the integrity of our kids childhoods, dreams, and untapped potential.

IMAGINE A WORLD…from the outside looking in without context, may appear messy and chaotic. It’s a space owned by the children, driven by the children. An exploratory space where trial and error is encouraged. Where you, as the adult don’t have the answers, the kids do. You don’t need to worry about or ask for compliance as the environment creates a deep engagement. The kids leave the session having felt like they ‘played,’ not ‘trained’… Read more

Because of the nature of humanity in all its complexity, dynamics, varying contexts and individuality…

We recognise there is no ‘one best way’ in youth development but rather we need to shift towards a more modern approach to learning that engages the youth of today.

GAME PLAY LEARN aims to bring back the power of play to the childhood experience.


“How does the latest research on Human Development apply in a practical learning environment?”

 We look to provide a practical resource for Facilitators  to apply The  GAME PLAY LEARN Approach, it’s principles and values, in a learning context. We challenge traditional methods and are open to the learning journey, it’s complexities, emergence and evolution.

Join the journey to bring a shift in the sporting landscape away from adult-driven concepts towards more empowerment and engagement of our learners.

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Design the GAME
Let them PLAY
Watch them LEARNBringing GAME PLAY LEARN to life -
WE Promote

a diverse development journey through Multi-Game Design.

We also design games from a

Constraints-Led Approach

and encourage