The Other Side

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Parent and Child

Who’s that player? What’s your story? No, not the warm and fuzzy one. The other one. The kid you once coached that broke your heart, sent you to your knees and is your reason for … Read More

Beyond Drills vs Games

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Beyond Drills vs Games

Our blog DRILLS VS GAMES We continue promoting that greater transfer in skill adaptation happens in the variability of a game-like context. In a sequel to Drills vs Games we move forward, to explore the science further in Skill Acquisition … Read More

Adults Back Off!

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Adults Back Off!

We need to back off and stop squashing kids potential. And it’s not just their potential to be successful, but their potential just to experience their own journey. If we think we know best, and we’re … Read More

Give the Kids a Break

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As we wind down after a big year, here at GAME PLAY LEARN we value our time-out from the ‘organised world’ and will definitely be enjoying a break over the Australian summer holidays – family, animals, … Read More

A Playful Intention

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There was a recent article trying to encourage a debate between playing to win and playing for fun. Obviously frustrated with the perceived inadequacies of his home country, unfortunately he missed an opportunity for some greater insight by … Read More