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NOW OFFERING the opportunity the experience The GAME PLAY LEARN Way!

GAME PLAY LEARN Events provides a safe environment for kids to grow confidence and a love of sport by playing our carefully designed Games.

With minimal adult interference, we have Facilitators and ‘Big Brothers and Sisters’ who play with the kids to develop their game through giving choice and guiding them in team dynamics to make The Games the best fun and challenge they can be.

The kids will play modified versions of various sports together and opposite their friends.

This is combining the Love of Sport with the Power of Play. This is GAME PLAY LEARN.

Please note: Photos and vidoes will be taken for promotional and educational purposes. If you do not want your child’s photo published please make this clear in the Additional Notes below.

NOW OFFERING 3 Varying Events for Participants
1.The Ultimate Multi-Sport Experience
  • 3 day Event during the School Holiday period
  • 2 hours of  PLAY experience each day with plenty of breaks and choice of Games
  • Aimed at kids Under 15 giving ‘Ultimate Fun Approval’
2. Tuesday Term Sessions
  • On Tuesdays During school terms
  • 45 minute intensive Play Time
  • Experiencing varying Multi-Games and Environments
  • Learn more about Facilitating The GAME PLAY LEARN Way
  • Go behind the scenes of The Ultimate Multi-Sport Experience Event
  • Receive videos and private links to The Preparation, Participation and Reflections of The Event
Purchase now, these prices won’t last 😉

Check Out FREE our inaugural Ultimate Multi-Sport Experience PREPARATION 1: THE APPROACH


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