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      Welcome to the Main Forum where you can begin a discussion. Introduce yourself and your findings about the environment you lead,  learning principles you apply and watching The GAME PLAY LEARN Approach come to life.
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    • A New Way of Coaching

      A New Way of Coaching

      Welcome to A New Way of Coaching FORUM. Here's where you can start a Topic on a Focus Area or share whatever you've been Reflecting on or that you are exploring on your Learning Journey. The 10 Focus Areas of the Course are:
      1. Let Go (of Control) - Let In (Collaborate) - Let Be (Complex and Context)
      2. Moving From Focusing on TEACHING to LEARNING
      3.  Moving From Role as COACH to FACILITATOR
      4. Moving From Valuing RESULTS to RELATIONSHIPS
      5. Moving From EXCLUSIVE to INCLUSIVE Environments
      6. Moving From Role as MOTIVATOR to OBSERVER
      7. Moving From TRAINING to PLAY Sessions
      9. Moving From Controlling To TRUSTING Learning Dynamics
      10. Moving From STRUCTURE To STREET Environments.
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