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    joey petersadmin

    Do you believe in ‘elite’ environments? Do you believe in ability groupings and ‘best with the best’ environments are the best way to develop talent? DO you believe that separating children into age groups for learning in best for their development? Is an ‘Exclusive Environment’ better than an ‘Inclusive Environment’ ?

    We need to be careful what we’re promoting in our cultures, because surely a Diverse and Inclusive Environment is more beneficial for every Human Need and provides richer learning opportunities for all.

    As Mark O’Sullivan and John Fallby promote ‘As many as possible’ ‘As long as possible’ in the ‘Best environment’ possible.

    And so it comes back our environments being Inclusive, Long Term and Diverse.

    Q1. Do you think we’re wasting our time in trying to change the culture? Should we try ‘beating them’ or ‘joining them’?
    Q2. What are examples in your environment that are Exclusive and Inclusive for Learners?

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    • This topic was modified 2 months ago by admin.

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