Letting Kids Be Kids

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Letting Kids Be Kids

Focus on Fun and the Learning will come!

What is our aim when working with kids?

Too often in our traditional socio-cultural environments, dominated by political and personal agendas of adults, geared to prosperity and productivity, we are robbing children of their most important right… a right to a  childhood. A right to have FUN.

Fun can be put in the same basket as FREE PLAY i.e It’s essential for children learning about themselves and the world around them.


My 17 year old daughter is being told she too old to employ now, just at the time when she’s come through a difficult time and wasn’t ready to face the adult responsibility yet. But now everything is a competition

Introducing kids to sports has turned into competing against others, trying to be better than everyone else, trying to get ahead in life. 

What if we could shift our focus from Performance to Participation, where rather than judging players on results, talent and character, we focus on engaging kids on a learning journey. One that is hidden in fun, friends and freedom to explore their own world of potential.


SO IF WE ARE ABLE TO KEEP THESE AIMS AT THE FOREFRONT OF OUR EXPERIENCE, we will go close to allowing the most important gift of all to kids –

Letting Kids be kids

Kids do this

Kids don’t do this

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