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GPL Facilitators

Welcome To A Learning Journey

GAME PLAY LEARN is here to provide Coaches, Families and Sporting Communities around the world, a simple yet powerful Framework for Nurturing Passion and Potential.

You’re invited to join the GPL Online Community where we delve deeper into the Theory, Values and Methods underpinning GAME PLAY LEARN to ensure we can bring the Framework to life.

This is more than another COACHING COURSE where you just gain Sports knowledge or how to lead a session.

THIS IS ABOUT YOU growing more confident and attuned to your own motivations, and satisfaction in life. It’s from that place of self-fulfillment, we give. And give greatly. When we find our Passion, tap into our Potential, we can give others the freedom to do so as well.

THIS IS ABOUT YOUR LEARNERS We put their needs and wants first and foremost. They are at the centre of their own Learning Journey, we are privileged to support and help guide them in their passion and potential.

THIS IS ABOUT US As a Community, we’re here to support each other to grow, experiment with ideas, get creative and learn as individuals. It’s from that place of satisfaction and sense of FUN, we can pass that on to those we work with.

The GPL Online Community is mainly made up of Coaches from various Sports around the World, all wanting to explore and push the boundaries of Coaching and Leading, ensuring they’re Nurturing Passion and Potential and also how to better provide Fun and Fulfilling Sporting Experiences for Players, Families and their Team Environments. We recognise the value of Diversity so whether you haven’t Coached before or are running a Professional Club, we can all learn together and we welcome your contribution!

We value getting to know each other’s backgrounds and experiences, sharing views and ideas, and supporting each other to get creative in bringing the The GPL Way to life.  It’s an evolving approach that challenges society’s traditions and constraints which can stifle potential. So if you’re a Brave and Curious Learner, this Approach is definitely for you!

The GPL Online Community includes these Learning Opportunities:

  1. Question & Discuss
  2. Play & Experiment
  3. Research & Reflect

All this is done on our Private Facebook Group.

1. Question & Discuss

“Learn for yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow, the important thing is not to stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein.

Share your questions, start a conversation. It’s through questioning and discussing we can continue to evolve our ideas and beliefs, and continue to live with integrity, not just moving along with the crowd, and doing things because that’s how it’s always been done or ‘that Team is doing it so we must?’

2. Play & Experiment

We value spontaneous PLAY, letting your imagination run wild, experience new adventures and interests.  Share them with the Community! Play is not just for our Learners, we get to have Fun too!

2. Research & Reflect

We value the importance of Continual Learning through Research & Reflection and sensing what are the Emerging ideas to explore next.

Share your ‘light-bulb’ moments and resources that are meaningful to you and relate to GPL.


Joey Peters

A Message from GPL  Founder and Facilitator JOEY PETERS

Hi, Joey Peters here, I would personally like to invite you to join The GPL Online Community so we can learn together and support each other in bringing back FUN to the Sporting Experience. We nurture Passion and Potential rather than adding to the pressure of winning and getting the best results. First and foremost we value enjoying the Experience, not only for ourselves but connecting socially and competitively as well.

GPL has really changed my whole worldview and particularly in all the various Sporting environments I’ve experienced from Backyards and Grassroots, to Professional Clubs and World Cups.

I WAS the Traditional Coach. I WAS the structured, instructional ‘professional’ who wanted to be the best and expected that for my Players as well.

That controlling, stressful world took a toll on me and the Players I worked with.

I needed change.

They needed change.

GPL has made such a big difference in my own professional and personal life as well as seeing players enjoy and improve their sport so much more than before.

This is some of what Parents have said about their family’s GPL Experience 

  • “The Kids kept talking about GPL all week. Hudson liked the Music, the Playing and no-one yelling at him. More people need to know about this unique approach to getting kids active and building self-confidence. My boys are loving it and I can really see improvement already in their resilience and independence.” Carissa Brown, Parent
  • “Tom has enjoyed this sport’s relaxed, fun and energy. He has had a wonderful time and met lots of new friends, on his team and opposing teams. The smiles on children’s faces every week are magical. This is how Sport should be!” - Bron Flanagan, Parent

This is more than just an Online Community,

it’s an Experience to make a positive Change in Sport

Once you’ve joined The Community, you can participate in The Courses on How To Facilitate The GPL Way in your environment.

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