Goalie is for Everyone

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Goalie is for Everyone

Goalie is for Everyone

“Who wants to be Goalie?”

It’s the question some dread and some are born for,  but does there have to be such a divide between the experiences of the Goalkeeper’s role? What if we encourage ALL PLAYERS to explore and grow in confidence in ALL ROLES on the field?


Unfortunately, early specialisation is still popular in regards to the Goalkeeper position but the longer we can encourage our learners to avoid specialising, this can only benefit their development through upholding these three important principles:

  • Team Play

    Playing as a team means there are many roles with each being INTERCONNECTED and CO-ADAPTIVE to each other. Playing together in a TEAM CONTEXT becomes important rather than separating and isolating roles.

  • Variability

    Offer them VARIABILITY  to develop adaptability and SKILL/STRATEGY transference between positions and roles.

  • diversity

    Provide a diverse learning journey through a MULTI-SPORT experience within the one sport! (Avoiding burn-out, overuse injuries, finding a passion and promoting a well-rounded athlete)


In a sport like football (soccer), the Goalkeeper is seen as a  ‘specialist’ position yet the role  is evolving along with styles of play who value possession of the ball. Now the strategy to involve the Goalkeeper like another ‘field’ player, can be used to create an advantage.  Such terms as ‘Sweeper Keeper’ or ‘Travel Goalie’ are now adding new meaning to the role and are a fantastic way to encourage more involvement from young Goalkeepers in games.

So if we want to give our learners a diverse development journey, why not encourage every player to have a go at the role? Or better yet:

LET’S DESIGN A GAME with the aim of engaging and growing confidence in the Goalkeeper role and expanding the role’s capabilities.



    THE GAME adds more VARYING SOLUTIONS by being able to pick up the ball in the back half and therefore make more STRATEGIC DECISIONS.

  • Football becomes a Multi-Game!

    THE GAME rules have changed, which includes the benefits of a MULTI-SPORT experience and makes the game look different, but it’s still football!

  • Goalkeeper Development

    The GAME rule to extend the Goalkeeper area, then expands the Goalkeeper’s role and gives space for EXPLORATORY development.

  • Valuing the Goalkeeper's role

    THE GAME draws attention to the Goalkeeper and can inspire the spectacular! (Video from 1:04)

  • Encouraging Varying Solutions

    There’s no need for focusing on technique here. THE GAME allows learners to come up with their own SOLUTIONS using feet or hands in different ways to move the ball.

  • Growing confidence

    THE GAME gives an introduction to the Goalkeeping role without the pressure of being ‘the one’.

Share your Experience of GOALIE BALL!

  • What did the game teach your learners?
  • Did a new rule or even a new game emerge?
  • Has the game brought a new value and confidence to the Goalkeeper role?
  • Does the Goalkeeper behaviour change when they play ‘normal’ football rules again?

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